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“Swindon; a chance to build a business, and maintain a fantastic work/life balance”

“Home is where the heart is,” right?  And that’s always been Swindon for me. I was born here, growing up a few miles away in Highworth, before moving back into Swindon & Old Town when I was 18.

Having dropped out of college (much to my Mum’s vexation), I spent my late teens/early 20s working within digital departments of marketing agencies across the South West of England – Bath, Swindon & Bristol – before becoming a contractor in 2012.

Stepping into the contractor world gave me the flexibility to craft my disciplines around social media & content marketing throughout multiple business sectors; spending a few months at Carphone Warehouse & PRS for Music, and a few years at Castrol & BP.

Whilst still living here, the majority of my time with these roles was spent out of Swindon, and often outside of the UK, seeing different cultures and understanding how business is handled across the globe.

But in the summer of 2016, I turned down another contract opportunity in London to invest my time, energy and finances into setting up a boutique social agency. I wanted to start building a legacy of my own.

I originally planned to set up our offices in London, as I had a number of business leads there, along with a readily available pool of talent for staffing. But the more research I did; associates I spoke to; offices I viewed; events I attended; there was no real sense of “business community” in the capital. It seemed you’re a community only in the essence of your industry or the serviced office you’re based out of.

That’s when I realised the only place to be based permanently, was back in Swindon – and (short for Social Media Support) was created.

As a business, we help brands tell their stories on social media through a range of content types – like video & photography – created from scratch, based on the client’s objectives. Our experience of content marketing and social platforms, combined with our client’s passion for their industry generates a powerful partnership, where success always prevails.

Whilst we operate globally, we have a number of clients locally that are also involved in the Switch On To Swindon campaign, and we’re always happy to engage with fellow Ambassadors; collaborate on projects; and do whatever we can to help the local community thrive.

As a young business, we don’t have the capacity to expand our team as quickly as we’d like. But through the Swindon business community, and networks like Switch on to Swindon, we’ve been able to build a pool of local freelancers. From web designers to copywriters and photographers, we’re quick to draw on this resource when client campaigns permit, and we also assist the freelancers in growing their own businesses at the same time.

I owe a lot to Swindon in terms of the livelihood it’s given me; the opportunities to network, a chance to build a business, and maintain a fantastic work/life balance – all of these elements, and plenty more, make Swindon a great place for my team & I.

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