Nick Wimshurst

Niche Recruitment

Back to Greatplace

I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I thought Swindon would be the place to help this spirit grow.

I am one of those rare individuals in Swindon, a graduate who came back to work in the town!  I was raised in Cricklade, on the outskirts of Swindon, going to school in Purton and then onto New College, Swindon. I then went off to University in Nottingham to study Business Management, and then spent a couple of years living and working in London.

So why did I come back, the first reason was money! Swindon is an affordable place to live with excellent work opportunities and I wanted to build my career in the area, as a fresh graduate you don’t know what life will bring but I always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I thought Swindon would be the place to help this spirit grow. After getting married and settling in Purton, I embarked on a career in Recruitment and after successfully running key divisions of a leading high street recruiter, I opened a new recruitment business with my business partner Michelle Graham.

Niche Recruitment was established in June 2015 to help bring talented business and individuals together. We have been riding a crest of a wave in our first two years and have successfully placed over 170 candidates in Swindon and the surrounding areas in either temporary or permanent opportunities. Our business has received some wonderful testimonials from clients and candidates and has just recently been awarded the Wiltshire Business Award Start Up Business of the year!

I am passionate about Swindon and the work opportunities that this town has to offer, I wrote a blog for Forward Swindon a few years back on the negative perception of Swindon, and trying to convince those that aren’t aware – this town has a lot to offer, so the Switch onto Swindon campaign really resonates with me! Every day we act as an ambassadors for both this town and some of the great employers that are based in the area. We are consistently promoting the benefits of these employers and Swindon, helping people see the benefits of working, moving and possibly relocating to the area.

I have a wonderful daughter and a baby boy and my family is settled in the local area. My daughter goes to school in Lydiard Millicent and my wife has just set up her own boutique Pilates and Aerial Studio in Swindon, Studio Air. Swindon offers an opportunity for you to make what you want of it, there are great opportunities for affordable office space, you can choose to live in town or on the outskirts; with easy access to the Cotswolds, Marlborough, Bristol, Bath, Oxford and Reading. I have seen first-hand the improvements in Swindon and yes there is still work to be done to help the town reach its potential but my story is one that I hope can inspire other students in the town to realise that you don’t have to go to university and stay away, come back and let Swindon help you realise your ambitions …whatever they may be!

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