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“A supportive business community and a great place to recruit young ambitious talent.”

Those outside of Swindon laughed when I told them I was launching the Total Guide to sites in Swindon. “If you can make it in Swindon you can make it anywhere, right?” was the common feedback. I’m sure many Swindon businesses have heard this misconception and that like me, you give a knowing laugh to comments like this in the knowledge that they couldn’t be further from the truth.

Total Swindon went live in March 2012 and almost 6 years on from making a start on the business, I’ve never been more sure that launching in Swindon was absolutely the right thing to do. As well as Swindon, we now also have sites in Bath, Bristol, Reading and Manchester and while all are successful and our franchise plans will begin early next year, Swindon is and always will be the ‘Mother site’.

I’m very lucky that I have managed to tie up all my passions in life in to my business; I love people, business, travel and leisure and with Total we bring all those things together. The websites deliver a complete hub of local information whether you are a business, resident, student or tourist and we empower businesses to reach our enormous website traffic, social following and email database. We champion the towns, cities and businesses we’re located in and as the business has evolved we not only give our clients a platform to spread their message but our highly experienced team share their knowledge of social media and search engine optimisation with training workshops so they can be fully clued up with the rapidly developing advances in digital media.

As well as having such a solid and supportive business community, Swindon is a great place to recruit young ambitious talent – particularly in the digital field. All our sites are managed by 8 members of staff in Swindon (who all have an infectious enthusiasm for growing the business and digital marketing) and we have numerous freelancers in and around the country.

I will never regret launching in Swindon and I will always challenge anyone who thinks having Swindon as our main site is ‘funny’. Even before the Swindon site went live, we had sold out of sponsorship which highlights the good will of Swindon businesses and the thriving business community we are so fortunate to work in. Local businesses took a leap of faith in us at the start and I’m so proud that we have been able to over deliver on what we set out to do and are helping to champion our great town.

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