Frequently Asked Questions

What is Switch on to Swindon?

We’re the overarching campaign designed to highlight all the strengths of Swindon, and a network of enthusiastic Ambassadors who wish to spread the positive word.

You can find more information here:

Who runs it?

You do. We’re a coordinated effort to let the rest of the country know that we have a great deal to offer, and a fantastic story to tell. Whilst supported by Swindon Borough Council, our Place Marketing Board is made up purely of local business individuals, and our Ambassador network is made up a collection of businesses, individuals, residents and community groups.

Understand more about the people involved here:

What is an ‘Ambassador’?

An Ambassador is someone who has registered their details with us, and ready to promote Swindon enthusiastically in their everyday life.

We have a section dedicated to giving you more information here:

How do I become an Ambassador?

You can sign up completely free of charge here:

I’m a business/individual/resident/community group – what’s in it for me?

Our aim is to mobilise our network of Ambassadors to tell our town’s story, and whilst you’ll be doing your part in this process, you will also have access to a range of free marketing resources, factual information, high quality images/videos, and be kept updated with frequent networking events.

All of my clients/friends/family outside of Swindon fail to speak highly of our town – is there anything I can show them to change their perception?

Our launch video is a great place to start:

How can I stay updated?

Regular communications will be sent via email to all our Ambassadors, and you can also follow us on Twitter and ‘like’ our page on Facebook.

We have an exclusive Business Community Group on Linkedin for all our Ambassadors. You can request to join here:


…and if after all this, you’re still not convinced by Switch on to Swindon, just speak to one of our Ambassadors:

Or drop our team an email on